Saturday, May 9, 2009

Also to add to the special day there will also be 15% off all stock in store! So treat yourself to a bargain!

The Dye Pot

Happy Mother's day!

My creation
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To celebrate Mother's Day and to celebrate my new range using the new Luxury range from Bendigo Wollen Mills I will be giving away a 200gram Skein .

To Have a chance to win this, email me at in 25 words or less "Why you love your mum" or "What does your children/child do to make your heart melt"

Competition ends tomorrow at noon, only one entry per person.

There will be a girl and a boy colourway to choose from.

I will be dyeing in the following weeks and adding this base to my yarns as a budget yarn. Its beautiful and soft and takes on the colours beautifully. And is perfect for those on a budget but still wants nice soft lovely yarn. So keep your eyes out for the new range coming soon.