Sunday, September 14, 2008


Welcome to my life, the coloured life. I need something to keep me occupied, i have seen so many blogs around and i always wanted one so here i am, finally starting one.

My life may not be fascinating to some, but it is to moi. My kids are the reason i breathe each day. They pump life into me. When i see their smiling faces each day it makes my heart melt, when they do annoying naughty things, they make my blood boil. But thats the i love about them....They make me feel.

Sometimes being depressed, you forget who you are and how to feel. My kids shove the feeling into me, i love them to death. I look at them and think "wow, i made these little human beings, i am moulding them into who they will become. And thats why i want to get back on the road to happiness. This blog will be my journey back into Happiness.....Its surrounded by colour that i create, so i want my life to be colourful again. I want to paint my life colourful.