Saturday, May 9, 2009

Also to add to the special day there will also be 15% off all stock in store! So treat yourself to a bargain!

The Dye Pot

Happy Mother's day!

My creation
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To celebrate Mother's Day and to celebrate my new range using the new Luxury range from Bendigo Wollen Mills I will be giving away a 200gram Skein .

To Have a chance to win this, email me at in 25 words or less "Why you love your mum" or "What does your children/child do to make your heart melt"

Competition ends tomorrow at noon, only one entry per person.

There will be a girl and a boy colourway to choose from.

I will be dyeing in the following weeks and adding this base to my yarns as a budget yarn. Its beautiful and soft and takes on the colours beautifully. And is perfect for those on a budget but still wants nice soft lovely yarn. So keep your eyes out for the new range coming soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tallulah, oh so yummy..

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This would have to be one of my favs, its so girly and pretty. I have swapped it for knitting services from the lovely Ella from loopy lilly, she is going to knit me some Bob the builder longies for Cooper.

Three crafty angels..

My creation
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These will be going to the local craft shop, they turned out so bright and lovely, im very please with them. Hopefully they sell like hotcakes so i can make some more!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pocket Full Of Posey's

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Here it is all finished and skeined up. She looks stunning IRL. I am so please how this turned out and the wool is just so lovely! I will be having fun with this yarn in the following weeks....

Sockies Sock Sock!

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I have had a go at Sock yarn, some Cashmerino Sock , i have to say it was a really nice change, i always get excited about a new base, cause you just don't know how it will turn out!!

I was a bit worried at first when i got the yarn as it just didn't feel soft at all, but after a few soaks it turned out lovely and soft and fluffy, exactly what i was hoping for, she just needed a bath i think! Introducing "pocket Full of Poseys"

Purple Hands....

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I have been busy the last week trying out new colourways, new bases and just having lots of fun!! My Hands show the evidence that i have been dyeing with purple! I love my girly colourways, i tend to do more girly ones then boys, I haven't worked out why yet, maybe I'm craving a little girl!!